April 23rd citizens from all over the country came together in Tallahassee, Florida on the steps of the Capitol to stand together for freedom. We were honored to host an array of guest speakers from doctors and scientists, to attorneys and parents, and even one of our Congressman. This day was truly incredible and we are so grateful to each and every person involved and there in person or in spirit.

Below is a brief explanation of the basis for the rally and the current legislative circumstances in Florida.

Florida, Tracking Citizens Since 2003

Currently in the state of Florida, there are bills being passed through our legislative committees that will legalize the tracking of our children’s (up to age 23) shot records or exemption statuses.

We believe that this is in direct violation of Section 23 of the Florida Constitution. After speaking with multitudes of parents across the state, whether they support vaccines for their own children or not, there is a consensus that people do not want to be tracked by their government.

We, the parents, are aware that our families are already being tracked by FL SHOTS, even though no one ever asked for permission to track and share our children’s private medical information. This must be undone, and further invasion must be stopped.

Additionally, many other states are introducing bills that would ELIMINATE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS. This is in direct violation of our very FIRST Amendment rights granted us by the United States Constitution!

We believe that if religious exemptions are no longer permitted, other religious beliefs will be open for attack.

We believe that being tracked by our government for our personal medical choices, especially if our religious beliefs are no longer respected. It is a slippery slope allowing our government to undermine our American and basic human rights.

Imagine not being able to receive a Drivers’ License or passport because you have not fully complied with the government’s recommended injection schedule?!

Imagine not being able to submit a religious exemption for your child to attend school if you one day decide that 70+ injections is too many?!

Imagine this tracking system evolving over time into a system that tracks ALL of your medical choices and forces other therapies on you!

This is HARD for Americans to imagine, but it is the REALITY of the situation.

This is happening and we are standing up to say, “BACK OFF!”

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, shared, called and met with Legislators, and attended the rally! We are so grateful for the support and powerful voices that are getting louder and helping to make progress!

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